Jalal Fawaz


Graduate from AUB, American University of Beirut
Major: Bachelor in Electrical Engineering

Manages ACT group, a leading IT System Integrator operating in Lebanon and the Middle East.

• 1996 Founding member the Professional computer association, (Grouping of ICT Private companies operating in Lebanon)
1996-2000 VP , PCA
2000 President PCA
2010 President PCA

• 1999- Member in advisory board of the Ministerial ICT committee in Lebanon (Formed by PM , Minister of Admin Reform, Minister of Communication, Minister of Economy). The Advisory board consisted of members from ICT Private Sector and academia.
• 2002- Member in the Arab Regional UN ICT Task force.
• 2001 – Member in the AUB School of Engineering External Advisory Board
• 2003- AUB Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Distinguished Alumnus Award