FAW Group

FAW Group

FAW Group, hereafter, is a Lebanese startup company, founded by 3 main ambitious partners, Ahmad Ghandour,

Fady Kreidy, and Walid Yamout who have a dream to create a different paradigm, powered by an endless

opportunity of expansion and innovation.

Our efforts started at square one in the process of realizing our ultimate goal, setting clear milestones covering

multiple development areas based on the below:

▪ Building the right and most advanced knowledge sets individually and collectively.

▪ Enriching social awareness/skills through measurable and rewarding schemas.

▪ Encourage creativity and talent appreciation and systematic development and cultivation.

▪ Building unique and state-of-the-art systems that will drive the change and provide an equal and

generally available opportunities.

▪ Creating value by guided paths modules and channeling all the collective knowledge available with no


▪ Anticipating and preparing for future skills requirements, job content and the aggregate effect on


FAW Group has claimed responsibility of creating a value proposition that would support our society to reach the

above mentioned millstones.

Our main resource or commodity needed for our mission is available and widely diverse to cover any element or

area of interest. With all the advanced technology within our reach, we have all the tools needed to contain and

utilize all the resources which we have accumulated over decades.

We have always been known as the hackers of intelligence and bright minds. We left a mark in so many areas and

geographies because we are the product of a rich history and diverse civilizations as well as creators of the future.