There importance, impact and advantages of information technology is clear. As a reliable partner, technology is vital for any rising country and emerging economy, like Lebanon.
When Information grow to be the key word for progress, not to many people in Lebanon have access to the World Wide Web, mainly in the rural areas, in particular among women and children.
PiPOP is a program initiated by PCA in order to address the "digital divide" in the Lebanese society.
For this purpose, PCA is collaborating with several parties, civil public, and/or international organizations to generate PiPOP centers in various parts of the country. By launching this project PCA had introduced the world of information technology to communities who do not have access for this facility, for income reason.
1. Short term objectives
Right to access technology and information : Creating several hubs in every region, at the disposal of non profit organizations (social clubs, municipalities, schools...) providing access to technology at a very competitive price to the maximum number of people at all ages. (Check PiPOP Pipeline)
Acquisition of computer and IT skills : PiPOP provided for the communities a small training center, where schools who do not have a computer laboratory, started to organize classes for there students, where they can offer them access to new technology. (Check local's feedback)
2. Medium to long term objectives
Improving standards of living : Developing local economic initiatives through information dissemination. PCA constructed for every village a website economically oriented. (Check websites addresses)
Professional opportunities : Creating new Jobs and discovering new potential.
(Check PiPOP Pipeline)
Bridging the gap between urban and rural areas

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