PICTA Training sessions: Facts & Figures

After two months of hard work, the training sessions in Bint Jbeil, Baalbeck, Nabatieh and Bourj Barajneh will soon finish; while others in different PICTA Academies will be launched.
During these training sessions, many courses were accomplished (such as the Computer Fundamentals, Digital Media Fundamentals & Internet & World Wide Web Fundamentals) and others are still in the process (such as the Web Design Fundamentals, Word Processing Fundamentals, Presentation Fundamentals, Database Fundamentals & spreadsheet Fundamentals). Though, after each course, an evaluation is filled by the students in order to get their impressions regarding the training and its impact on their daily lives.
Therefore, we thought about sharing some of these facts and figures that we reached after collecting these evaluations:
Training Objectives: Students point of view
69 % of the students consider that one of the main objectives of this training is to educate them on how to improve their skills at work in order to progress and always be up-to date with the Information Technology, while 31 % consider that it will help them improve their skills for their personal use.
Overall Satisfaction
This chart indicates that 42.9 % of the students strongly agree; 48.6% agree; 5.7 % In between; 2.8 % disagree; 0 % strongly disagrees.
In general, students are satisfied with the courses provided.
Thus, 91.5 % described the courses as appropriate to their needs, sufficient to meet their objectives and improve their technology skills.
Learning Effectiveness
How effective were these courses to the trainees?
Simply, the majority of the trainees strongly believe that the courses given are effective and fruitful;
As this training will ensure more job opportunities knowing that it will increase their performance at their schools, jobs and universities…