Center for Excellence in Bourj el Barajneh

In order to improve the technical and business skills for the national community and create a real chance for a better life in this area, the Center for Excellence was initiated in Bourj El Barajneh. The CFE is divided into various parts: PICTA center, Incubator center, conference room and administrative offices. First, the PICTA center was made to train the national community on using computer and ICT techniques in order to increase computer literacy and create an environment of communication between national community members. In addition, the Incubator center will hold the micro /beginner business entrepreneurs and afford for them any needed help and support preparing them to compete in the business market. In the future phases, the CFE will help in providing job vacancies for the national community members by holding some of their exciting projects. The conference room is well furnished and equipped to hold committee meetings and round tables. Furthermore the CFE will welcome hosting any conference or seminar for the surrounding community. This project is funded by Mercy Corps and PCA with some contribution of board partners (Microsoft…).