Fourth PICTA Academy opening - Batroun

Fourth PICTA Academy opening - Batroun

The Professional Computer Association in Lebanon (PCA) in coordination with the Batrouniyat Association and in cooperation, a group of international companies, government agencies and local non-governmental organizations and global at the forefront of PCA, Intel, Mercy Corps, UNDP-ICTDAR, IESC, UKS, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, CA, Booz Allen Hamilton, ESCWA, MOT, IJMA3, OMSAR, AMCHAM, UNESCO, Idal, WIT, MOET, "the Academy of professional informatics and communications" PICTA in the town of Batroun and the event welcomed the presence of a number of political organizations, economic and social development in the region.

After the national anthem, Mr. Mohsen Farran, Client Manager at International Executive Service Corps, explained the objectives of the PICTA initiative and AIM-IT project, in terms of training young people to use the latest computer techniques and the training of trainers in this area through the use of the people experience and competence. In addition "to revive many of the villages and areas and create new job opportunities for young people through the development of skills in the area of computer and information technology

Then Mr. Nizar Zakka, secretary general of the Union of Arab ICT Association and Vice-President of the Witsa on the importance of gathering and the cooperation of large international companies to launch such a project, which means the development rights and the development prospects. Further, he added that the association will utilize everything it represents, to provide support for the introduction of information technology and make it an essential element in the lives of young people in the town of Batroun, as in other Lebanese regions. “Mr. Zakka stated that the academy information and communications professional development project with PICTA is in the field of information technology and communications. The project aims to bring about positive changes in the lives of thousands of families from various parts of Lebanon: Bint Jbeil, Nabatieh, Baalbek and Burj el-Barajneh. In the upcoming weeks, the opening of a series of training centers that will be launched and they will receive technical assistance as well as an integrated suite of trainers.

After Mr. Zakka speech, Eng. Jubran Basil thanked the Society Petronyat and attendance Karim, secretary general of the Arab Federation of Red informatics, Mr. Nizar Zaka to this initiative, highlighting "the importance of computer internet in expanding horizons after the world has become a small village due to the revolution of information and communication technologies. He added: "We are gathered today to celebrate the release of a new addition of training that PICTA will offer in a series of activities provided by the PICTA ACADEMY.

Finally, "he concluded by talking about the goals of the General Petronyat in terms of cultural and intellectual work and insurance proactive in Batroun.

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