Mr. Joseph Haddad [ Board Member ]

After establishing firm roots in the wholesale distribution of computer products over a period of 15 solid years,
TechnoMania is pushing into the SMB sector, professional and cloud services. Our mission is to provide a
cost-effective solution for the consumer that will achieve broad market acceptance.
What makes us unique is that we have developed strong and long lasting relationships with our suppliers and are
continuously searching for the latest innovations in information and communication technolgy.
In 1998 TechnoMania was launched as a network gaming
center, only to expand shortly after into a Wholesale Business
In 2001 we signed a distribution agreement with 3COM and
in the span of the next 5 years, continued to ink several
agrements with the likes of ACER, Surecom and TARGUS.
Similaly, we were appointed as the Authorized Service Provier
(ASP) for ACER.
By 2007 we had signed distribution and after sales
agrements with BENQ, i-mate, and PackardBell, while also
launcing a business unit for Educational and Medical
Labortories Equipment.
In 2010 we were appointed as the Lenovo Idea Products
Authorized Service Provider and Drop-off Point in Lebanon,
not to mention being selected as the Gateway, eMachines
and PackardBell ASP (ACER group) providers.
Subsequently in 2011 we were appointed as a Lenovo
Authorized Partner to serve the SMB market in Lebanon.
In 2012 we signed an ASP agreement with REDINTON
GULF to continue servicing Lenovo Idea Products in the
Recognized as a CISCO Select Partner, IOMEGA Premium
Partner, we signed a distribution agreement with SPIN (tablets
and smart devices) for the MENA region. We also launched
our operations in Erbil-Kurdistan-Iraq under TechnoMania
Moreover in 2012 we signed a Cloud Services Distribution
Agreement with Lux Cloud.
In 2013 TechnoMania signed a distribution agreement with
ACER to cover the Congo, Brazzaville region of Africa.
With extensive experience in the industry and after the seveal
achievements mentioned, we at TechnoMania decided to
divide into separate entities to facilitate workmanship and
respective services to our ever-expanding clientele; hence
Technoblue, Techsolutions and TSTC were born in 2013.
By 2014 we had a signed a sole distribution agreement with
CALIDAD, one of the leading alternative ink cartridges and
toners manufacturers in the world.
Moreover in 2014 we were appointed as the Authorized
Distributor and Service provider for ZTE Mobiles.