Mr. Selim Jamaty [ Board Representative towards the government ]

Brief Bio:
Selim Jamaty
Selim Jamaty, holder of a BS degree in Computer Science from St. Joseph
University (Beirut, Lebanon).
Founder and CEO of NIT - New Information Technology sal, the owner of
"SoftPharm"; the award winning specialized Software for Pharmacies and the
dominant product in the market.
Founder of QuickNet, the electronic link between pharmacies and drug agents and
the basis of the full electronic supply chain management in the drugs sector.
Instructor of “SoftPharm” at the most prestigious School of Pharmacy in Lebanon.
Board Member of the Professional Computer Association of Lebanon (PCA).
Company Profile:
NIT – New Information Technology sal
Founded in 2001 - stands as a market Leader with its award winning software
"SoftPharm.Net", the only reliable scientific, medical and management software for
Based on a long experience in the Pharmacy business, NIT team has performed the study,
design, development and implementation of the latest version of SoftPharm.Net using .Net
Platform and SQL database forming a robust environment for Chain and extremely high
volume Pharmacies. SoftPharm.Net is available as WEB application and Standard
windows forms and in 3 languages (English, French and Arabic).
NIT continues to dominate the Lebanese Market by gaining 97% of the market share and
by implementing SoftPharm in 4500 Pharmacies in Lebanon and Abroad. SoftPharm is a
complete ERP system with specialized medical features such as Generic Names,
Pharmacologic Class, Drugs’ Interaction and Medical Patient‘s Profile.
After the success that SoftPharm achieved in Lebanon, it is now being implemented in
several Arab countries and to be marketed soon in GCC.
Due to our customers demand, NIT has proudly launched a second management software
‘Target.NET’ (ERP & CRM), using .Net Technology and based on SQL –server database,
which are the most powerful tools to create robust & high performance applications.
Target.NET is a highly parameterized system that will simplify the complex tasks and
workload. The system provides accuracy, speed and security in Stock and Accounting